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2005 Eagle Expo
Chelsea, Mich.
The 2005 Eagle Expo at Chelsea, Michigan was a great Eagle tractor show. The comment was made that there probably wasn't that many Eagle tractors all sitting in one place since they were made at the factory in Appleton, Wisc. Jeff Vigue reported that there were 21 two cylinder models, with 7 20-35 E's alone, with 3 model F's, two 16-30's and one 12-22; and the rest H's from the 13-25, 16-30, 20-40, and 22-45. There was 7 Eagle 6's of the different models both row crops and standards. Also on hand was 6 power units, a Eagle silage cutter and a few various hay tools made by Eagle. Eagle equipment came from Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Canada, and I sure hope I didn't miss any other places, and if I did please let us know. The Paul Bollinger family sure puts on a good show with beautiful grounds for this kind of show and great food--many thanks to them!

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