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Eagle Shows

This is the place to advertise your upcoming Eagle event. Being the few Eagle collectors and Eagle equipment in existence, there probably won't be many events to post. But if and when any one decides to feature the Eagle Mfg. Co. and related equipment at a show, we would like to know about it and post it here for fellow collectors to know what is going on.

Just let us know the date, time and place, it's just that simple, and of course the sooner we know about it the better and the best part of it is, it's FREE!

To add items to this page let Dave Preuhs know, his email is

Click on photos below to bring up the show report.

2013 Chelsea, Mi. Bollinger Tractor Show
July 3 - 7, 2013
Click HERE for more info
(Eagle only show)
2009 Le Sueur, Mn. Pioneer Power Show
2006 Symco, Wi. Symco Union Thresheree
2005 Chelsea, Mi. Bollinger Tractor Show

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